Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Stories

Inspired by people overcoming obstacles

Heartwarming & Amazing Stories of Achievement!

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite stories of inspiration!  These people have overcome obstacles, faced challenges, fought back and made it through!  Let these stories speak to you and gain from them; hope and confidence.  One day you may have a story to tell, and you’ll be an inspiration to others who face discouraging life challenges.

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Amputee Football’s Inspiring Impact

Amputee football is growing in popularity across the world. In Scotland, backing from the national association is helping spread the word. We hear from two amputee footballers on the game’s life-changing impact.

Double Amputee U.S. Army Veteran Inspires Local Students

A veteran and double amputee “dropped” into a local middle school to share his inspiring story with students.

Barbie Is Now in a Wheelchair and Has a Prosthetic Leg

Now six decades old, Barbie is a lot different than she used to be. That is, there’s no one way Barbie looks now. Mattel announced new additions to the Fashionista line on February 11, adding Barbies with braided hair textures, new body types, and disabilities.

Double Amputee Overcomes Challenges, Bowls a Perfect 300

A Pascagoula man is proving that physical challenges can be overcome and he’s inspiring others along the way.

Double amputee US Army Vet Set To Run In Disney Marathon Shares Inspiring Message

From hardships to triumph, nothing is stopping a retired U.S. Army Specialist from hitting the pavement and proving anything is possible.

Adventurous Amputee Inspiring Others To Reach Lofty Goals

Recovering from a traumatic injury can be so daunting, sometimes people just give up – not Darryl Partridge. His athletic accomplishments after undergoing amputation to one of his legs is inspiring.

Double Amputee U.S. Army Veteran Inspires Local Students

A veteran and double amputee “dropped” into a local middle school to share his inspiring story with students. Sgt. 1st Class Dana Bowman skydived into Oldham County Middle School Friday morning. While his ability to land right on the school’s soccer field was impressive — it’s his story that’s captivating students and veterans around the country.

Inspiring Quadruple Amputee Set To Take On One Of Africa’s Biggest Mountains

Alex Lewis is taking on Ras Dashen mountain: a grueling, 4,620-meter scramble up Ethiopia’s highest mountain – an impressive feat for any hiker. However, this story has an extra special element. Lewis is a quadruple amputee and will be tackling the mountain on a bespoke hand-pedal buggy.

The Power of Amputee Marathon Runners

Forty-two years ago, an American salesman called Dick Traum ran his way into the history books. At the age of 36, after losing his right leg in an accident, he became the first amputee to complete a marathon.

Veteran and Amputee Inspires With Each Death-defying climb

Kirstie Ennis is on a mission to become the first female amputee to climb the highest peaks on every continent. She’s well on her way to accomplishing her latest mission.

Women Who Lost Her Leg in a Hit and Run Refuses to Let Being a Amputee Hold Her Back From Surfing

On 28 December 2016, in a small town called Poulsbo, Sarah Dean was hit by a car traveling 60mph. She was thrown over a guardrail down into a small river underneath the highway and woke up in the stream with yellow and brown leaves stuck on her wet, bleeding body. Sarah was convinced she was going to die.

Triple amputee Army veteran making record motorcycle trip to Sturgis

A triple amputee from Brooklyn, New York is finding meaning through motorcycles. The Afghanistan veteran is making a record-trek from New York to Sturgis.

Man makes his debut on the raceway as an amputee

Hunt was 14 years old when a tubing accident immobilized his left arm. Eight years later, after unsuccessful treatments, he decided to amputate it. Since then, Hunt has discovered you don’t need two arms to push a lawnmower, fix a camper, share your heart, hug your children or — more recently — drive a race car. The Derby Line native began running street stocks at Thunder Road Speedway last year at age 40.

An inspirational story about two firefighters overcoming life-changing injuries to inspire others

When tragedy strikes in life, one can either give in to feelings of despair and hopelessness or try to make something positive result from it.

This couple is turning ocean plastic into prosthetic hands

Chris and Laura Moriarty are turning plastic found in ocean waters into prosthetic hands for people around the world.

Amputee Runner Takes On #COMRADES2018 Marathon Using Crutches

Amputee runner, Xolani Luvuno is pursuing his dream to complete the 2018 Comrades Marathon on crutches today. Luvuno is a recovered drug addict and cancer survivor – has been given five extra hours to complete the race.

Teen Whose Father Ran Over His Leg with Lawn Mower Thriving 14 Years After Accident

Brett Bainter came home from work around 3:30 p.m. and found his almost-4-year-old, Jake, riding his green bike in circles in the family’s driveway. Jake’s babysitter was still there and it was a nice day, so Brett decided to mow the lawn. Brett reached a dead-end at the side of the house, but when he reversed the mower to turn around, he felt a bump. He didn’t know that Jake had gotten off his bike and followed him. Brett accidentally ran over his son’s leg. Now, 14 years later, Jake is thriving — and his family is reflecting on the split second that changed their lives.

Nurse with prosthetic leg starts amputee support group

Jan Abens is a pain management nurse at Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest in Waco. She’s been a nurse for nearly four decades and has continued to dedicate her life to serving others even after losing her leg in a motorcycle accident six years ago.

The Voice’s Aimee Hannan: “I don’t think I’ve had a life until this moment”

Aimee, who hails from Sydney, revealed that years of enduring chronic pain in her legs saw her become an amputee at age 22. “I was given two choices: keep my leg and die, or lose my leg and have a life,” she said, before tearfully admitting, “It’s been hard, but I don’t think I’ve had a life until this moment.”

Pilot and motivational speaker born without arms inspires thousands worldwide

Cox holds two Guinness World Records for being the first armless person in aviation history to become a certified pilot, and the first person without arms in the American Taekwondo Association to get a black belt.

U.S. Army veteran shares inspiring story at Amputee Awareness Day

The Lehigh Valley Amputee Support Group held its annual Amputee Awareness Day Saturday at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest. The event is a chance for amputees from across the region to connect and learn about new technology in the world of prosthetics.

2018 Paralympics: Former Navy SEAL wins six medals and other outstanding U.S. performances

Retired Navy SEAL Dan Cnossen finished the Paralympics in Pyeongchang with six medals, taking home a medal in every individual competition he entered in Nordic skiing.

Amputee is hoping to walk again for the first time in 20 years!

After Losing Almost 500 Lbs., Amputee Is Hoping to Walk Again for First Time in Over 20 Years. Following a dramatic weight loss, 42-year-old amputee Stanley Hollar is hoping to finally be able to walk again for the first time since 1996.

One-handed NFL prospect bench presses 20 reps!

NFL prospect Shaquem Griffin completed 20 reps on a bench press drill at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis on Saturday – all with just one hand. The do-it-all defender from the University of Central Florida was a late invitee to the combine and didn’t expect to do what he did Saturday with his prosthetic left hand.

Alumni operates amputee foundation after accident

Mona Patel, a Texas State alumna, is hoping to help other amputees rebuild their lives through her organization, the San Antonio Amputee Foundation. Patel plans to continue building membership and awareness for her foundation. She wants to create an amputee youth program to support children with limb loss and their parents. Patel will continue exposing her members to opportunities for healthy lifestyles.

Empire State Building run is just another hurdle for double-amputee Rudy Garcia-Tolson

When Rudy Garcia-Tolson starts the 1,576-stair climb up to the top of the Empire State Building on Feb. 7, he will be doing it as a double amputee, helping to raise money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

4-Year-Old Amputee Gets 3D-Printed Prosthetic Arm for Christmas: ‘It’s a Confidence Booster’

Hudson Borton, a congenital amputee, was given the gift of a new left arm on Wednesday after a group of students spent hours working on a 3D-printed prosthetic limb for the little boy.

Brave amputee sets sail around Canary Islands on tall ship

Samantha Middleton, who lost both her legs and most of her fingers in a battle with septicaemia in 2003, was thrilled to get the chance to join the crew of The Tenacious – one of only two tall ships in the world designed to be sailed by a crew with varied physical abilities.

Despite losing leg to cancer, amputee continues running

Mark Barr didn’t let the loss of his leg to cancer stop him from running or playing sports, the three 3-time Paralympian ran a half marathon in Houston to raise money for a local non-profit the helps physically challeged atheletes excel at sports.

Wheelchair-bound amputee comes to aid of car crash victims

A wheelchair-bound man rushed to the rescue of several victims trapped in a car after a bad accident in Arizona.

Soccer on one leg carries crutches and a lot of heart

On a recent sunny afternoon, Hugo Carabes prepared for a training session with the Guerreros Aztecas (Aztec Warriors), the amputee soccer club that welcomed him after losing a leg in a motorcycle accident. “I might not be Messi, but I can show you things that not many people can do with just one leg,” said Carabes while planting one of his crutches on the pitch.

Marine Amputee Finds Solace in Surfing, Makes Lasting Friendships in Clinic

Toran Gaal is a former infantry squad leader who now lives in Valley Center, California. He’s participating in the Naval Medical Center San Diego’s Surfing Clinic, which he said helps him to feel like himself again.

Oklahoma high schoolers wanting to donate prosthetic hands to community

The students at Dove Science Academy are actually creating hands for those in need. “We were sort of brainstorming what we could do to help the community and that’s when we realized we could build prosthetic hands for kids and that’s what got me really excited,” Axel Castillo said. The high school students in this engineering class are making prosthetics using simple materials that all start with a 3D printer. The prosthetics are built in different sizes for different ages.

Bronx man with prosthetics competes as powerlifter

Diego Hernedez was severely disabled after being electrocuted as a child. Despite about 60 surgeries, burns to a majority of his body and the amputation of his arm, the 24-year-old recently competed in his first powerlifting competition. Hernedez trained at the Powerhouse Gym in the Bronx and used special arm attachments and a little creativity. People working out at the gym compliment him and say he has become an inspiration to everyone.

The story of a young amputee and his three-legged dog earned a windfall for animal shelter

A boy who lost his leg to cancer came to the Front Street Shelter in Sacramento one day in search of a dog with similar disabilities. He left with a large, slobbery canine amputee named Logan. Eight months later, the video story of their perfect match has captured the 2017 grand prize in a Petco Foundation contest about animal adoptions, besting 3,500 other entries and earning the city’s shelter $100,000.

High-tech neuroprosthetic ‘Luke’ arm lets amputee touch and feel again

Kevin Walgamott lost most of his arm in an electrical accident 14 years ago, but last year he heard about work being done at the University of Utah on an expiremental robotic arm, that would be controlled by the amputee’s nerves, which could give the sense of touch back to the wearer. Researchers dubbed it the “Luke” arm, after the legendary Jedi of Star Wars fame. It was developed by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, with additional funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Local man competes in triathlon after being double amputee

On Mother’s Day 2016, Alex Hearn awoke to a day much like every other. But by the time he’d go to sleep that night, he would be battling for his life and soon would be without his legs.He lost his legs in a car accident and wasn’t sure when he’d be walking again. Thanks to his physical therapist and The Scott Rigby Foundation, Alex was able to participate in a Half Ironman triathlon in August.

Woman using amputation to help fellow amputees

Nikki’s leg was amputated in Chicago, where she received support from other amputees. That support was vital to her recovery. But something was missing when she came back home to central Illinois. “When I got here all those peer visits stopped,” says Nikki. “There were no longer people coming to see me whom had shared experience in amputation.” When she discovered the peer support groups weren’t around in central Illinois, she decided to start Central Illinois Amputees.

Boston Green Beret amputee set for another tour

Not once after his right leg shattered in Afghanistan in 2013, during a year of surgeries and the months spent learning to walk on a prosthetic leg, did Sgt. 1st Class Nicholas Lavery consider settling for a medical discharge or ending his Army career behind a desk. In January, Lavery will deploy again — where, he can’t say. But in the meantime, he’s pursuing his master’s degree at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and spending time with his wife, Army Master Sgt. Toni Lavery, and their 6-month-old son, Dominic.

Golden Retriever Therapy Dog with Four Prosthetic Paws Can’t Stop Spreading Smiles

Chi Chi, a three-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever living in Arizona, seems to be smiling in every picture. That’s why it’s so hard to believe all Chi Chi went through before finding her forever home with Elizabeth and her family in Phoenix. Chi Chi is originally from South Korea where she was found in a dumpster, apparently left for dead. Incredibly, a rescue group found her and got her to a vet who realized the only way to save her was to amputate all four of her legs.

18 Year Old Makes Innovative Prosthetics from Recycled Plastic

Aaron Westbrook was born with only one hand. Several years ago, while a freshman at New Albany High School in Ohio, he tried out his first prosthetic. It didn’t fit well, and cost about $40,000, a somewhat staggering sum, considering he would eventually outgrow it. So Westbrook, decided to make his own, using the 3D printer in his school’s fab lab.

Pete the parrot is getting a prosthetic foot. Then he has to learn to live with it.

In September of 2016 Pete the Parrot was attacked by a fox. The attack left him scarred and without a leg, but that changed when his owner took him to the University of Pennsylvania’s exotic animal hospital and they were able to create a 3D printed prosthetic leg for him!

Student pushes through challenges of being an amputee

Although he’s not yet 13 years old, Braden Moriconi has already overcome a lot in his life. Nearly 10 years ago, a 3-year-old Moriconi was outside playing when he slipped on some grass and fell under a lawnmower, an injury that required amputating part of his left leg and his left foot. But the seventh-grade Northern Cambria Middle School student hasn’t missed a beat as a member of the Northern Cambria junior high soccer team and the Northern Cambria High School marching band.

How a state-of-the-art prosthetic leg helped this amputee win a silver medal at the Invictus Games

Retired master corporal Étienne Aubé’s golf swing won him a silver medal at the Invictus Games, an accomplishment the Canadian veteran credits to his state-of-the-art prosthetic leg.

Colton Ward, an amputee, set for Rider varsity debut

Colton Ward has never shied from setting lofty goals for himself no matter the obstacles in his way. And few can claim to have overcome more than the Rider junior.


The Daniel Cloy story. Truly an inspiration.

TEDx – The Cloy Concept

Forged through personal hardship and crafted to help people of all backgrounds, Daniel Cloy created “The Cloy Concept” to guide people through their challenges and give them the tools to take control of their life.