Hearing happiness from those we’ve helped

Summit Makes a Difference

We are extremely grateful for being able to help so many patients with their mobility needs and for becoming an important part of their lives. At Summit O and P we genuinely care about each person we work with, and want to give them our best in service and care. We appreciate all of you and thank you for choosing us to be your Prosthetic and Orthotic practitioners.

Below are a few testimonies from our patients at Summit O&P

One thing that sets Summit apart from the rest is that their team members truly believe in you. They make you believe you can do it. I love how they involve the family. They are willing to listen and work with you on whatever you need.

Dennis Frazier

These are the best people… Todd’s the one who said, “We’ll get you up and walking,” which really lifted my spirits. I can go out dancing now! My wife and I do Spanish dancing just like we used to do.”

Catarino Moreno

Everything is fitting and feeling great. I have not had any issues and can’t believe how well this is helping my problem with the end of my stump.
I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the time and effort you put in to getting my prosthesis to fit properly. I know you thought it took too long but I have never had a socket fit this well. I never felt pressured to just accept what I had, even when I thought maybe I was just nit picking little things. All of my previous sockets have always had issues and left me frustrated. The level of care and concern was way above what I have ever gotten. I also appreciated that you were not afraid to ask for advice from others in your office, as I feel that also contributed to getting the right fit and alignment. It’s the little things that others can see that sometimes makes a big difference.

I also appreciate the time that Todd took to come and meet me, look at the situation and help. It is good to find great service and friendly people willing to do what it takes to provide the best care possible.

Steve Marineau

Summit Orthotics and Prosthetics got me going again with a customized sports socket built for high impact skiing and more. They were very helpful and willing to innovate my socket design to ensure comfort, strength and function for my specific needs. The staff at Summit are the best. Thanks for all your great work!

Jarem Frye